Golden Retriever Rescue Roxy needs your vote


We got the heads up on this lovely little girl from Jennifer, at Neuse River Golden Retriever Rescue. She has wanted to pay it forward ever since her guy won in a big contest, netting the rescue several thousand dollars.

4137.jpgIn another round of voting for the Bissell Pet Photo Contest, little Roxy needs your vote. Roxy was rescued by Cape Fear Golden Retriever Rescue (CFGRR) in Wilmington, NC. If Roxy wins the grand prize, CFGRR will receive $10,000. This round of voting ends on March 11.

Roxy was an over-bred and extremely frightened little dog when CFGRR rescued her over a year ago. She was heartworm positive, didn’t know how to walk on a leash, cowered for days under tables and in her crate and was extremely frightened by the slightest sudden movement or noise. She has come so far thanks to her new family.

To vote, click on Roxy and do pass on the following link so that all your friends can vote too!


Golden Retriever Lovely’s book


Here’s a cute book for folks. Lovely Dudley and Other True Stories by Yvonne Dudley. Lovely Dudley tells the true story of his eventful fourteen and half years of life. He is a Golden with an uncanny knack of sensing when things are not quite as they should be, especially when it comes to burglaries.

Want to read the first 42 pages? Google has them for you to review, which is pretty cool. Just click here.