Golden Retriever Chunk is a Mika fan, too! — Updated

Mika is a 23-year-old UK newcomer, his eclectic debut album, Life In Cartoon Motion, just incredible. Well, today just by chance, I found a new Golden Youtuber. His very first video is of his Golden Chunk singing along to the song, “Grace Kelly” …. as this cutie is a Mika fan too!

The beginning is too funny as it seems Chunk has some cleaning chores to take care of before he sings. But, watch Chunk tilt his head to and fro to the music. He is especially taken with Mika when he sings those high notes he is famous for. That is when he joins in. It is just too, too funny.


Here is Mika when he appeared on Jay Leno last month


And, here is Mika singing Grace Kelly (Golden Retriever Chunk’s favorite!)


UPDATE:  I just happened to see this posting at one of Mika’s Fan Club forums. It comes from Golden Chunk’s Aunty Karen:

Just thought I would share this with you, Chunk is my sister’s dog who has been trained by both me & my sister and then one day late last year while I was watching Live in Cartoon Motion his amazing talent appeared and quite frankly after picking my jaw up off the floor I was very impressed! He is exclusively a MIKA FAN and will not perform any other songs no matter how many bonios he is bribed with.


Golden Retriever rescue Foster needs a home

Adopt a Golden of Atlanta has the right idea about putting up videos to detail their wonderful dogs available for adoption.

Foster is a 4-year-old, 75 pound guy. From watching this video, you will see that he does very well with his obedience training and enjoys learning. This is a video of him playing around at his foster home at Jabula Dog Academy in Decatur, GA (commentary by Kate Jackson of Jabula). Btw, I love Kate’s accent which is definitely not Georgian.