An update on our favorite Golden boy, Rookie

This special update comes from Carolyn Scott and Rookie, Houston, TX

I have received so many emails of support and prayers I feel blessed. Thank you all for taking the time to write and keeping us in your thoughts.

Rookie is doing GREAT! He greets me with a smile every morning as he leads me to kitchen for his breakfast. : )

As many of you know Rookie was diagnosed with a spindle cell tumor on his right leg near his elbow a few months ago. Since Rookie was about to turn 15 I decided to have my vet remove the tumor but I didn’t want to put him through any further treatment. My vet removed the tumor and I happy to report there is no sign of it returning.

At this time I decided to cancel my seminars and not schedule any others for awhile. I just couldn’t be away from home at this time.

Then about a month afterwards, when I woke up, I found Rookie completely paralyzed in both rear legs. I was devastated and thought this was the end BUT Rookie had other ideas. I took him to the vet where she x-rayed and explained to me he had arthritis and some other problems that were probably causing the paralysis. Our floors are tile with very little carpet and he could not walk without falling. I decide to follow the vets recommendation and put Rookie on bed rest for awhile with meds to see if he improved. Well, by golly he perked up and was a happy camper every day during this. After a couple of weeks he was able to master the tile and even throw in a few spins.

I have to admit I have been depressed a time or two but I have realized that Rookie is happy every day. So I decided to live in the moment as he does and do the same. I feel I have been so blessed to have this extra time with my sweet boy. His attitude is amazing everyday. The other day I let him out to roll in the grass by the pool and the next thing I knew he got this wild look in his eye and headed straight for the pool. Rookie loves to swim but even in Houston thewater in a pool can be very cold at this time of year. I almost wasn’t able to stop him from jumping in. : )

Like I said, Rookie loves life and doesn’t realize he is 15 years old now. I am hoping it will warm up soon here and he can take a swim and once again enjoy one of his favorite activities.

Thank you all for your continued support and prayers. I cannot begin to express how much they have meant to me.

Rookie will always be a eternal puppy with thoughts of freestyle, rolling in the grass, eating and swimming in our pool. He thinks everyday is his best day and I am trying hard to do the same.

5 thoughts on “An update on our favorite Golden boy, Rookie

  1. Rochelle, thanks so much for the info on Rookie-Adam and I will pray each day for his continued success and we have emailed Carolyn. Jamie and Adam Holtz, Foley, AL

  2. Just a few short lines to say you both are so very special in so many peoples hearts around this world. The feeling of happiness, laughfter and tears all coming together is indeed a unique experience. Wishing you both many more years of joy.

  3. I know that this is posted elsewhere, but to those that come across this post as I did in a search,

    Sadly,Rookie who has touched the hearts of everyone that has seen him perform, lost his battle with cancer on July 14, 2008. May he rest in Peace.

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