Golden Retriever puppers, oh my!


A little over a year ago I shared a puppy cam and fun from California’s Steve and Terry Southard of Coppertop Golden Retrievers. Dad (Steve) is a professional photographer and has gotten some marvelous photos then of the proud mom with her newly born babies, the ones here today some of my latest favorites.


Click here to watch the Coppertop puppy cam that actually is updated every 30 seconds, and is trained on the current 4 pup litter of champions Dixie and Joey.

And, they also have “Video of The Day” which shows some very cute segments.

Be sure to check out the Coppertop YOUTUBE page which includes all the latest video compilations, as only the most recent appears on the Puppy Cam page. It also shows video of the November 2006 litter and their most talented champion Goldens in the obedience ring.

Here are some fun videos to get you going!

Dixie x Joey Litter Week 3
Dixie x Joey Litter Whelping
Spirit x Shale 11/06 Litter’s agility pup fun


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