This is what happens when your female Golden is not spayed and a neighboring black Poodle dude can’t resist her feminine charms . . . . Oodles and oodles of Goldendoodles!

0124doodlescarlsons2_t600.jpgThe Carlsons, rural Fergus Falls, had no plans to breed Raina, their golden retriever. But one fine day in October, Buddy, the neighbor’s standard-sized poodle, had other ideas.

In a minor state of panic, they took Raina to the veterinarian for a pregnancy test, which turned out negative. “We were told by the vet she wasn’t pregnant, so we didn’t think about it after that,” Randy said.

Life went on and October turned to December. Dogs sometimes put on a few pounds during the winter, but Raina was getting downright chubby. “I didn’t want her to get fat,” Randy said, “so I started exercising her more.”

It didn’t seem to do any good, though. When they would run to the mailbox, the 4-year-old would lag behind. “Phylis (Raina’s 8-year-old mother) was keeping up,” Randy said. “I kept wondering what was wrong with Raina.”

He didn’t have to wait long for the answer. While grooming and petting Raina on Dec. 23, Vera discovered all that fat was actually puppies. After some fast calculating, the Carlsons discovered the puppies were due the next day. Randy stayed up until 4 a.m. Dec. 24 constructing a whelping pen, with not much time to spare. Raina started delivering at 1 p.m. The eighth and final puppy was born at 7 p.m.


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Poor Golden Lulu – Happy Ending Update


This adorable 15-week-old puppy from Cary, NC was stolen right from her bed (a story we brought to you on January 17th). Click on Lulu to see a video about her plight. The video works best in Internet Explorer (at page just click on “WATCH VIDEO”).


Lulu was reunited with her owner Thursday, Cary police said, after a woman, claiming she received the animal as a gift, returned her.

Authorities said the woman, identified as “Betty,” told Lulu’s owner, Andrea Sexton, her sister purchased Lulu for $50 from a man at a gas station in Angier.

Betty said she found Sexton’s number on a flier, contacted her and met with her and determined the puppy was Lulu, police said.



Click here to see a video of Lulu’s return, her now playing with her toys and happy to be home again after her 10 day adventure.

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