just in case you were wondering (and some folks have been)

This blog is not a dog blog or even a Golden Retriever blog. The topics covered will never be solely about our beloved companion animals. As the above adage details, there is sometimes laughter and sometimes tears but always food for the soul.

Certainly, for 1000+ pages that are SOLELY dog-themed, one merely visit my foundation’s main site at landofpuregold.com. Or folks can visit those cutesy sites that present new adorable puppy or kitty faces on a daily basis. JUST DO NOT LOOK FOR THAT HERE. Here, the scope will always be somewhat larger.

In that same token, my advocacy for the disabled, which goes back to my high school years, and my continued advocacy for children & their families many years thereafter, is clearly the backbone of my devotion to intelligent rearing and health practices with our companion animals. Folks are greeted with the latest and the greatest in dog research, principles, practices, and products due to that same sense of advocacy.

My own post-graduate work and published articles on cancer as experienced by the family system has influenced my emphasis on canine cancer. It has also been a function of my stress on the importance of research in comparative oncology, which is the study of cancers that occur similarly in people and companion animals (such as prostate & breast cancers and osteosarcoma).

I am enamored with research and scientific inquiry and believe very much in stem-cell research, already having detailed its success with our canines in a previous blog entry. If that is political, so be it. That is who I am. I will always want the most for people and dogs alike. I will side with the politicians who are concerned about the quality of our food supply and the safety of those products coming in from foreign countries.

I will always poke fun and share satirical pieces from others that are related to the complexities of our world. You just never know when it may actually help someone to be able to think for him/herself more fully. It is one of the reasons I love the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, as he has so effectively used humor to dissect persons from both ends of the political spectrum.

I can tell you that one of the most hideous of cognitive distortions responsible for so much of our irrational thinking is all-or-nothing thinking. You know, the kind where folks look at things in absolute, black-and-white, terms. Sadly, Bush only thinks in this way, as countries are either good or evil, or folks with us or against us, etc.

Life is never black and white. It always involves shades of gray. No one person or ideology is ALWAYS right or good or more moral than another.

So, to get back to the topic again. Please go elsewhere for 100% doggie fluff. There is too much going on in this world not to be striving to make a difference and to provide our commentary related to it. Hopefully, for the few folks who do benefit from my “Daily Golden Thoughts” or sharing of what I believe are instructive pieces of media, it will prove to be worth the effort.


What kind of an idiot does this?


I would no sooner but a bumper sticker on my car (try removing it one day and see the damage that is left behind) than I’d affix it to a sweet furry dude’s head. Just think about pulling off a heavy duty adhesive bandage and what it can take with it and then you will realize how painful it could be.

Of course, I also have to be honest, and say that there is no love lost on NY’s Rudy. Just go to my foundation’s site to the page that has continued to detail the health issues suffered by our first responders at Ground Zero.

I have been keeping a log of articles, videos, related films, you name it, since October 3, 2001. I am no stranger to the adverse effects of poor air quality. It is the reason that I am on disability today along with another school psychologist who also shared an office with me . . . an office that was contaminated with STACHYBOTRYS MOLD . . . in a school building that had to be closed and major abatement done. You know, the kind of work where you see those men in the protective suits having to clean up the contamination.rudy2.gif

Please, go watch the movie, Dust to Dust: The Health Effects of 9/11

And, please watch a great film by Robert Greenwald that is based on comprehensive factual information. Be sure to watch the film, broken into three parts, and to check out each link below it for the background information that was utilized.

The REAL Rudy – Part 1: Abandoned Heroes


The REAL Rudy – Part 2: The Radios


The REAL Rudy – Part 3: Command Center
Command Center FACT SHEET


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3 merry Golden joggers are we

It is mighty, mighty cold in certain parts of the country. My Golden pal, Karen (Kaytee’s Mom) just told me it is -5 in Wisconsin, and just too cold to take her trio for any walks. They will just get to run briefly in her backyard.

But, yesterday they all went on a 3 mile jog. And, even our heavy coated Goldens need much protection when they go out for extended times in the cold weather that many are having this year. I wonder how long it took to get all 3 suited up and 12 little feets into all those booties lol.


10-year-old Oscar is the dude on the left, ball-obsessed 11-month-old Buddy is in the middle, of course carrying the ball the entire way on the jog, and 22-month-old Josie is on the right. Click here to see a super-sized version of this adorable trio.


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Meet Golden Guide Dog-in-training Jewel


This is Frank Davis and Golden Jewel, from Leader Dogs for the Blind. She is the 17th leader dog that Frank has raised. He and wife raise about one dog per year, which is an incredible level of dedication.

Learn more about this special family here.

And, to learn more about guide dogs, guide dog schools in the US, and more check out our comprehensive pages on these special workers at our foundation’s site.


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