Video – So many abandoned due to the forclosure crisis


The nationwide foreclosure crisis, due to financial problems caused by the many subprime mortgage lenders, has forced millions to move out of their homes. But the forgotten victims are the dogs and cats left behind.

Rescue experts want pet owners to give their local shelters a call before they give up their pets. They say there’s a much better chance that way of finding a new home for abandoned animals.

Any shelters can offer referrals so pets can end up with a new family, just like Sydney did. That avoids the need for abandonment altogether. Shelters say while dogs and cats are abandoned in equal numbers, it’s much harder to find new homes for felines.

So for families in crisis, animal experts urge you to find a friend, a neighbor or a shelter as a last resort, but never leave your pet behind.

Click on 2-year-old Golden Sydney, one of the furry loves now at the Sacramento SPCA, to see a large version of this important video.


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3 thoughts on “Video – So many abandoned due to the forclosure crisis

  1. Thanks for the link. I posted an article up on my blog regarding this crisis that hit our area over five months ago and revisited the issue yesterday with suggestions for owners to do pet resumes and links to apartment and home search databases that include animal friendly links.

    I’ve been lurking in my reader but thought maybe your readers could use the info.

  2. There are important implications for potential animal neglect in this issue as well. Pets may suffer and die from starvation and dehydration if abandoned in the home.

    The foreclosed-upon homeowners leave their pets behind, trapped in empty homes, because they can’t take their pets with them for various reasons. They don’t understand that weeks or months may elapse before bank agents inspect the home. Imagine what they sometimes find. recommends: Please take action when a home is foreclosed upon in your neighborhood. Be a Good Samaritan. Go stand near the home and call out repeatedly for the pet; it may bark or meow or come to the window. Listen and watch for signs of life. Do this several days in a row because some traumatized pets may be frightened, too frightened to respond at first. You may save a life!

  3. Temporary foster homes are often available through rescue groups and organizations. Before taking your dog to a shelter, please call rescue groups first. It’s possible your financial or home situation may change later on and you would be able to have your dog.

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