Golden Angels – New Video Tribute Updated

We have celebrated much during the 11 years that the Land of PureGold has been online. Yet, with that happiness comes tears due to continued losses. Golden Angels pays honor to some special Golden Retriever loves who have lost their battles to cancer.

The honored Goldens include: our own Ollie & Darcy, Blues, Georgia, Kaytee, Harley, Jake, Bullet, Nikie, Abel, Elwood, Chip, Cooper, Meggie, Libby, Kenna, and Devo.

Click here to learn more about becoming Cancer AWARE.

The music is by Livingston Taylor, a Golden lover from way back.

Here are the words to a most fitting song for this tribute:

I believe in actual
In the clear concise and the factual
All of life has reason
And it should be clear to see
But when the crowds all drift away
And we are apart for one more day
In the most peculiar places
You’re where you should not be

There you are again
In the rustling leaves of a summer storm
In my favorite chair all safe and warm
In a wish that a child believes

There you are again
When light returns to the morning sky
When two lovers cannot say good-bye
When a movie makes me cry
When the perfect story ends
There you are again

Will I ever get over the feel of your touch
The sound of your voice the scent of your hair
Your quiet reminder to not be afraid
When you promised to find me somewhere

There you are again
Till I forget to close the door
And the heartache’s in and I’m damned I’m sure
To each day miss you more
When I think I can’t endure
There’s a whisper in the wind
There you are again


kc.jpg In response to this video, I received a lovely photo of Golden Ottie (shown below) from her mom, Emma.

Emma had shared a story of her Golden girl KC back in 2000 for our Golden Oldies page at our foundation’s site. KC enjoyed a wonderful 18 1/2 years with Emma and Mike, and is actually 17 years of age in this photo. Be sure to go read KC’s story (she had an amazing 21 pups, one son living to age 16), one of many that we have shared at the site.


Ottie lost her battle with cancer last year. Emma treated Ottie with Chinese herbs and she believes it contained her sweetheart’s nose cancer. The doctors all believed she had a mere 3 months to live but the family was granted an extra 6 months on top of that.


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Golden Guide Pixie providing new independence

th1_1312200742ltn005_001_14-12-07_112146.jpgDiabetes is such a devastating disease, especially in its juvenile form. This young man, Kevin, recently lost his sight, having developed the disease initially at age 7. Friends and family raised $10,000 for the training of guide dogs in the hope that he would soon be next in line to receive his. Sadly, there are just not enough dogs to go around as the need is much greater than the availability given the very specialized training required for this type of working dog. Learn more about Kevin and Pixie here.

You can also learn more about Golden guides at our foundation’s site.

How apropos

banks-tom.jpg Kind of cool how a bank searched all over for a dog mascot, and the winner turned out to be a beautiful field Golden named “Banks”.

Banks proved she has the right stuff to serve in her new role. This talented three-year-old seemed to enjoy the surprise announcement and quickly made friends with Village Bank President Tom Winfree during an impromptu photo session in mid-December.

We feel a mascot is a perfect fit for Village Bank because we truly value the same traits that make a pet a family member: loyalty, trust, caring for each other and a good work ethic mixed with some fun,” Winfree said.