Freestyle pals Emily and Henrietta – Good Morning America Video update


em7.jpgOn January 14th, freestylin’ friends and MDSA team, Emily Pyle & Henrietta, performed on the Good Morning America show.

They did great and Emily was such a great spokeswoman for the sport. I know Carolyn Scott would be very proud of Emily, MDSA board member and products manager.

Emily and Henri performed a modified version of their adorable routine (at youtube). This little whiz was so incredibly focused, never taking her eyes off of mom. And, it was quite impressive how well behaved she was while Emily was initially being interviewed.

Click below on a smiling Emily to see this 5 minute piece.


Below is the youtube video clip of this routine.


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Golden Guide Frazier opens new world


Daniel Sisco suffers from Retinitis Pigmentosa which had worsened to the point that he is now legally blind. He met 2-year-old Frazier in September when they went through training together at Leader Dogs for the Blind.

When in his working harness, the dog obeys commands and ignores distractions, Sisco said. However, he’s still a bit of a puppy and when out of the harness likes to romp and play and has been known to chew on items such as CDs and shoes.

Learn more about our special Golden Guides at our foundation’s site. 

Therapy Golden Inker: Cancer Survivor

Inker receiving a chemotherapy treatment

inker22.jpg This is Golden Inker showing off the shirt that he wears when he does his therapy visits to help human cancer patients at Trinitas Hospital in Elizabeth, NJ. It is obviously quite inspiring.

I simply love it. It is just the perfect way for Inker to show empathy. Mom, Pat Dobson, had a great idea when she decided to have this shirt created for her boy.

inkcin.jpgThis 9-year-old dude is from New Jersey and has been working at hospitals, going twice weekly for 2 years now, actually having visited nearly 900 patients. Sadly, he was diagnosed last month with lymphoma and is now receiving weekly chemo treatments.

I love the part near the end of the clip when Inker plants a wet one on Newscaster Cindy Hsu (the reason for her smiling face).

Click on Inker below to see a wonderful video clip of this boy in action.



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