Golden Retriever Jasmine uncovers murder in Pueblo


Four-year-old Golden Jasmine is just a natural retriever. She reminds me of my Ollie who had a mission to bring home every ball and glove that he could hunt down on his daily walks. According to Mom (Wendie Arnold), Jasmine finds bones, toys, and trash in the neighborhood and then redeposits her finds in her own yeard. Earlier this month she brought home a bone but Wendie noticed a big difference in what it looked like.

“Most of the dog bones are white and bleached out, and this one was a brownish-green color. And when I told her to drop it I noticed it was u-shaped,” she said.As a former dental assistant, she realized it was a human jaw bone. She says she immediately called the Pueblo Sheriff’s Office. At first, she was just doing what she had to do–not considering the magnitude of her dog’s discovery.”It became a little creepier when they came back, did a search and found the rest of the body. That’s when it became more uncomfortable in the neighborhood,” Arnold said.

She says Charles Gross rented the trailer where the bones were found. She describes him as a quiet man– a fellow dog owner– who kept to himself. “You’d see him a couple times a week, walking his dog,” she said.

As for her best friend, Arnold said, “I’m proud of her. I’m hoping they’ll identify the body and get closure for somebody.”

Click on Jasmine to see a video of this story. (works best in Internet Explorer)


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