Golden mix on highway for months back home with family

dog01bcjr_400.jpgOn December 1st we detailed a story about a Golden mix named Oleander (named that by rescuers as it referred to the bushes on the median), who had been living within the median bushes on Interstate 10 in Banning for at least 2 months.

She was rescued and was at a shelter awaiting a forever home. When brought in, this poor thing was a mere 35 pounds, also sporting a fractured front leg.


Well, it turns out that this rescued lass no longer needs a new home as she is now happily back in her former one. It turns out her name is Precious and you can be sure that the family received a Christmas present that will be remembered forever.

It turns out that although the family believed that Precious was home in their backyard, she had been scared by a thunderstorm at the time, and had then jumped over the wall there.

It was actually due to the previous newspaper story that The Carrillos family were alerted to her being at the shelter.

The Carrillos say that when they went to the shelter, they knew for sure the dog was theirs. “I was really happy. I was crying,” Alexis said.

The animal services officials believed the dog was the Carrillos’ because they correctly described the collar the dog was wearing when she was rescued, said department spokesman John Welsh. When the family came to the shelter, Precious “got very, very excited” when she saw Alexis, Welsh said.

Precious has been home for about a week and is on a weight-gain program. The Carrillos say their veterinarian thinks the dog won’t need surgery to repair a fractured leg, as originally believed. The cast on her front right leg barely slowed her down Thursday afternoon as she scampered about the living room, lapping up the attention that Alexis and her brother, 13-year-old L.J., lavished on her.

L.J. said he wants to thank the CHP officer who rescued her. “I have my dog back,” he said. “My little buddy.”

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