Hoping Golden Marley gets more care

18-month-old Golden Marley was recently rescued from Snake River in Shelley, Idaho. But, the most troubling part was the fact that this young dog was an outside dog, something we do not commonly see in the breed. She was only discovered to have fallen through the ice when her young owner went outside to give her dogs some food.

Once to the bank, Marley was rushed to the vet. Courtney Harder, Marley’s owner: “She was just soaked, had little icicles hanging from her ears, still whimpering, and I was shocked to find she didn’t have hypothermia at all. She was out there at least 2 hours.

Marley is home now and has been spending most of the time indoors, but when let outside, she did wander back down to the river.

Courtney Harder, Marley’s owner: “I was like, ‘No! What are you thinking?!’ I thought she had learned her lesson, but obviously she hasn’t!

Courtney says because Marley did not learn her lesson, she will now either be an inside dog or be kept in the fenced area of the yard.

Click above to see the video of this story. It is quite telling.


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