Golden Retriever Casting Call!

We have loads of stars at our foundation site, like Ikea above, who is leaving for home with a sample of his work.

This message comes from Debbie Pinthus: International Association of Canine Professionals Pro 1393,WLAOTC

An independent production company in Hollywood, CA is seeking a Golden Retriever for an upcoming 5 day film shoot. The basic premise of the production is a grandfather character sitting in a chair reading fairy tales out loud. The setting is a home library with a fireplace, Grandpa’s trusty dog by his side. The Golden needs to have a down stay (lying by the chair) sit, speak, and be able to put a paw or two on the actor’s knee (shake). If the Golden knows additional tricks, they could possibly be added. This is a paying job, to be shot in late February. It will be shot in a small, quiet studio, not a large noisy location.

If you and your Golden are interested, please e-mail and put Golden Retriever in the subject line.

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