Gorgeous Golden Chewie at Utah Shelter needs home

Chewie is a beautiful 2-year-old golden retriever. He needs to go to a home with a large fenced-in yard. Chewie loves children, is good with other pets and would make a great addition to a family. He is in kennel No.16 NK.

Those interested in adopting can view him at the Davis County Animal Shelter, 1422 E. 600 North, Fruit Heights, at any time during business hours. Adoption transactions are done weekdays only from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Call 801-444-2200, ext. 6 for adoption, ext. 7 for general information.


Trying to save Golden mix Asia


On January 2nd, I detailed the story of Asia, a Golden-mix who was recently hit by a car and left for dead. The family could not afford medical care but two wonderful angels who discovered Asia in the street took it upon themselves to become involved. What a special story. Sadly, there were multiple injuries and the vet bills are now in the thousands. You can click here to see a wonderful news video clip of Asia and her rescue.

An update to the story appeared yesterday at SC’s Beaufort Gazette:

The surgery bill totaled upward of $2,625. That’s with a 30 percent discount and doesn’t include future routine check-ups and, possibly, the amputation of Asia’s right leg, which, so far, seems to be healing well and has regained some normal function since the accident.

Henry, who has been a veterinarian in Beaufort for 26 years, said he gave Sutton a discount because of the situation. Defining the reason he helped is complicated, though, and he quickly points out that he can’t help everyone in need. “There are an awful lot of abandoned animals out there,” Henry said. “We don’t have the power to help all of them.”

But he explained that Sutton’s passion and Asia’s “big brown eyes” had a lot to do with his decision. “That’s what’s nice about doing this for so long,” Henry said. “Sometimes you get to practice medicine and surgery for the good.”

After nearly 10 days at Beaufort Animal Hospital, Asia was released Saturday. The lower half of her body had been shaved for surgery and a large scar runs across her hip where Henry fixed her pelvis and inserted a rod and lag screw in her right leg.

Before release, Henry taught Sutton how to carry Asia properly and explained that she has to eat a mild diet of dry dog food mixed with baby food for a couple weeks. Sutton also must administer three different types of pain medication and an ointment. Sutton said she doesn’t mind all the work involved in caring for Asia. She said she wouldn’t do anything differently.

And despite the atrocity of the accident, the overall experience has made Sutton see the community, and her role in it, in a different light. “The community support has been amazing,” Sutton said. “People talk about how bad the world is, but there are still people helping people. … If everybody did one nice thing to help a person, or an animal, they’d be surprised at the chain reaction.”

To help Lisa Sutton defray medical costs for Asia, donate cash or checks at the following SC locations:
•The Cutting Edge Salon, 86 Savannah Highway (across from Shell Point Elementary School)
•Animal Hospital of Beaufort, 2511 Boundary St.
•Donut Connection, 14 Savannah Highway (Shell Point Plaza)
•Moondoggies Cafe, 930 9th St. in Port Royal