Wooo Hoooo! Golden Boy Rookie turned 15 today!


It is an amazing day today, as our shining star Rookie is celebrating his 15th birthday. This is the special message that I received from his mom, Carolyn:

Today is Rookie’s 15th birthday! We will be celebrating all day and hope you will join the party. : )

This morning has been filled with birthday hugs and kisses and I am smiling ear to ear feeling extremely grateful as you can imagine.

Some of you may know that Rookie had some health issues surface this year. However despite the overwhelming odds Rookie has triumphed over each with his amazing attitude and love of life. He has taught me so many lessons over the years but probably the most important lesson he has taught me this year has been to live in the moment as he does. Without this lesson my days would have been much darker filled with worry and fear of what the future held for us. Instead I have been able to focus and enjoy every single moment we have together to the fullest. From the moment Rookie greets me in the morning with his smiling face and tail wagging to each time he is lying at my side and glances up at me. : ) It doesn’t get much better then this. : )

Thank you all for your messages of support and prayers through the last few months. Each message has brought me comfort and a feeling that I am not alone.

I hope you all will all take a moment to give your pups lots of hugs and celebrate life today with Rookie and I. Carolyn Scott & Rookie

For those folks who do not know about this incredible wonder, please visit our Gotta Dance page at the foundation site. There are many videos to enjoy of Rookie’s active freestyling years.

And, enjoy this wonderful video Best of Friends that shows off the special bond that Carolyn and Rookie have.

Best of Friends

We’re the best of friends, heart and soul, head to head, toe to toe
I’m not letting go

We’re the best of friends, I thought you knew, that the best I am, is beside you
We’re a couple of comfy shoes

Oh together we’re a pipe dream, all lit up and smoking,
‘Bout all the things we’ll do
Oh together we are wishes, my aren’t we delicious, Coming true

We’re the best of friends, are we wise, thinning hair, fuzzy eyes
Your face is my best surprise

We’re the best of friends, I’m here to say, it was me and you
The whole darn way, thanks for the chance to play

Oh together we are magic, together we are mystery, I think we may have soul
Oh together the world is brighter, Lovers fools and fighters, on a roll

We’re the best of friends, the drift the sway, the give the take
The day to day, a bit in each others way

And when it’s time, to let you go, at the last we’ll always know
That it started long ago, with a simple quick hello
Hello we’re the best of friends


10 thoughts on “Wooo Hoooo! Golden Boy Rookie turned 15 today!

  1. Happy Birthday Rookie and many more. You are amazing. I have loved you since the first time I watched you dance with your Mom. You have such a zest for life and I pray that will keep you with us much longer. God made you “Special” Rookie and you truly are. Be strong and keep fighting, your Mom needs and loves you so much as do all of us, “your fans”. Love and Hugs, Lynn

  2. Rookie –

    My mom laughed and cried when she first saw you and Carolyn dancing. Happy Birthday Rookie!

  3. Happy Birthday Rookie

    You are an amazing pup Rookie…. The first time I saw you
    dance…I felt my heart leap a thousand leaps…I smiled ear to ear
    and thought what a dog!! He is amazing!! So happy you looked.
    You and your mom are special. Keep the tail waggin buddy and
    the smiles comin ….. Happy Birthday Rookie!!!!

  4. Ohh happy, happy birthday Rookie!!

    I’ve been wondering how Rookie’s been doing since I emailed a while back…my Mom and I have been wondering how things were going. SO glad to find good news! =)

  5. The dynamic duo-Carolyn and Rookie-surpassed by NONE!!!!! Jamie and Adam Holtz HAPPY, HAPPY B’day!!!!!!

    We shall be trying to incorporate your philosophy of living in the moment-it seems so simple but it is really a challenge to do-but very much worth the effort!!!! Love ALWAYS!!!!!

  6. I know this is late but Happy Birthday to you, Rookie!

    Thank you Carolyn for giving us so much joy with your wonderful dancing partner!

  7. I just watched the video for the first time a month ago, I thought it is so cute yet if I’m down it puts a smile in my heart and tears on my face, Thank you Carolyn & Rookie

    Happy belated Birthday to Rookie!

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