Swimming Golden Sisters

Golden pal Leann Pickering from Warwick, RI always used to provide us wonderful stories of her Sadie and Emily, but they are both now swimming at the bridge, as Mom puts it.

We have so many fun stories of our canine comedians at our foundation’s site, but here is one from Leann that details the fun after Emily had left her side and puppy Gracie now joined big sister Emily.

Emily must have been quite exasperated having a young one like this to contend with!


Golden Comedian Gracie: A Devil in Disguise

This is about new puppy Gracie’s latest escapade. The smart little one, she is obviously in her bratty teens right now according to Mom. And, big sister Golden Emily is just sitting back and watching all the antics with a huge smile on her face. Oh my!!

The Culprit Gracie. ou would not believe the trouble I’m in for eating the blankie with all those pretty white feather thingies in it.

Emily thinks this is fun. Emily is buried in feathers!

In Jail Now. I got thrown in the slammer after eating the blankie. I’m not sure when if ever I will get paroled.

Choking. Em is choking on all these feathers!

If I breathe, they get in my mouth and nose!

We were so happy to learn that she now has these two cuties, Ellie now having joined Gracie, both shown below. We are so very jealous, as these two are definitely getting spoiled. It is certainly a tough Golden life.