Golden Retriever Pups Rescued from Sub-Freezing Conditions – Updated

kbci_puppies.jpgThank goodness Kelly McKenney came to the rescue for 13 dogs, including 5 Golden puppies, that had been left out in the freezing cold for several days.

What a sad commentary on the owner to do such a thing to helpless animals, which included several adult Goldens, two adult Boxers and two adult Doberman Pinchers.

Click here to learn more and to see a video about this rescue in Idaho. (We could only get the video to work in Internet Explorer.)



UPDATE: Dog owner faces animal cruelty charges

The Ada County Prosecutor’s Office confirms Oliver Palmer also faces charges of animal neglect and animal cruelty in Ada County. The charges stem from citations issued back in 2006. One for permitting animals to go without care – that charge was filed in July of 2006. The other charge involves a citation for cruelty to animals, filed in December of 2006.

Additional charges are pending against Palmer for animal neglect for the dogs found at a home on Harris Creek Road in Boise County on Christmas Eve.

Prosecutors there say they take all information, including incidents, into consideration when deciding whether to new file charges.

The Idaho Humane Society seized 13 purebred dogs from the home. Included in the mix were five golden retriever puppies. Witnesses told the sheriff’s office that the dogs were chained with no access to shelter, water or wholesome food.

“This cold weather outdoors is no place to have six-week-old puppies, and we have six-week-old puppies exposed to the elements, they’re in eminent danger of dying,” said Dr. Jeff Rosenthal, Idaho Humane Society.

6 thoughts on “Golden Retriever Pups Rescued from Sub-Freezing Conditions – Updated

  1. I was with Kelly for the rescue. He’s a great guy with a great heart and a great big Golden Retriever of his own. The dogs were terrified and frozen, but the sweetest things you’ve ever seen once warm and dry. We are doing everything we can to prevent Mr. Oliver Palmer from regaining custody of these animals. We will try very hard to make sure the pups and all the dogs are placed in loving homes once this whole thing is figured out in the courts. The Boxers were obviously being used for fighting as well as breeding if that gives you any indication as to what type of person could do this. The male doberman had his nipples tied to make them fall off. The female’s paws were frostbitten. I can’t even began to tell you how sickening the whole thing was. Kelly is a Christmas Angel!

  2. Renee, you are so sweet to let me know. Yes, Kelly is a very special angel. Those dogs better not go back to that other owner. I am sure lots of folks would love to show these animals real homes. Are you with a close Golden rescue group? There is no Golden rescue in Idaho but I’d think that the Oregon folks (Golden Bond GRR) would be the closest to where the dogs are in Boise.

  3. Why has nothing happened to this guy, I would like to know why this scumbag can repeat his crime without punishment, I see him shopping at the Home Depot as he is a horrible handyman and would like to see him go away.

  4. The repulsive a-hole who has perpetrated the horrible cruelty on these poor dogs should be IN-humanely euthanized himself. In the most drawn-out painful way possible until he’s dead.

  5. lol you guys have no idea what kind of guy oli palmer is the breeding is just a part time hobbie he does for fun no fighting. lol. he likes to hire “monkeys” to do his bidding a pretty whealthy he uses his wifes name to do what he actually does (constrution) since he lost his license in california you will see him drivin round town in a red corvette claims he goes to church. I guess he is runnin through hard times though my wife processed forclosure proceddings on a vaca home two times or maybe that is just how pays his bills. we worked on this place he owned an old elks lodge downtown does everything wrong and the site got red taped or whatever

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