Golden Retriever Missy & Mom on a mission


Sue Hager loves baking and loves dogs. Golden Missy visits school classes and teaches kids how to treat dogs. Sue also bakes cookies and homemade dog biscuits, sending them to all kinds of working dog military teams.

On that customary kitchen-photo album, the refrigerator, Hager proudly displays photos of some of the U.S. military canine teams that have received her homemade dog biscuits.

They’re family through baking. They deserve a little thank you too for what they’re doing for us,” says Hager. And she remembers their handlers, too. We’re taking care of both — cookies and dog biscuits,” says Hager.

You see, Hager’s kitchen has become a headquarters of sorts. Hager calls it the “Cookie Brigade.” The so-called Cookie Brigade began after Hager sent a few cookies overseas, and then she got a request to send more. After 15 months,
U.S. troops in seven countries have sampled Hager’s cookies.

“I’ve sent about 30-thousand now,” counts Hager.

Click above to see a video clip of this wonderful team.

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