A very sad day

It is very sad today as two very close friends are dealing with serious illnesses with their Goldens. Our board member, Marti, is hoping to keep her sweet girl Carly from going into renal failure. Carly has had much to deal with as she has had arthritis difficulties and then weight issues on top of that. So, please keep her in your positive thoughts.

I am also so very worried about our famous freestyling Golden boy, Rookie. This very loving guy, who amazingly has a 15th birthday coming up in January, is dealing with increased symptomatology from his recent cancer diagnosis. My heart just sinks to my feet whenever I read the short updates from Carolyn, as they always manage to speak volumes.

I do know, at these times, that time is always better spent on celebrating the time we have, and remaining in the moment. And, I know that Carolyn is doing just that as she no longer leaves Rookie’s side.

I thought I would make a small clip from footage obtained for our upcoming Gotta Dance Documentary to show Carolyn just how much her special relationship with her little yellow boy, as she refers to Rookie, has meant to thousands all over the world. Listen to the words that Dr. Allen Schoen shares as he speaks to the gift that Carolyn and Rookie have provided so many.


5 thoughts on “A very sad day

  1. What sad, sad news. Rookie is such an amazing Golden and what he and Carolyn share is so special; such an inspiration. My heart, prayers and thoughts shall be with you Carolyn and Rookie.

    Deb and the six wonderful Goldens who make my life a joy to live!

  2. Oh no… I’m so sad to hear about Rookie’s condition. They both are such inspiration to us & like I told you before, they were the ones who inspired us both to start dancing in the 1st place. All the steps & moves we learned from watching them both doing. I learned soooo much from Rookie just by watching his performances.My mommy & I will be sooo devastated if he goes but as we all know, he is already very old & time will come… He is such a wonderful boy & Carolyn is such a good teacher to teach him such great moves! Please do email Carolyn that we really adore them both & tell them also, that we wouldn’t have started dancing if we didn’t know them. We really love them both!

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

    WHEN HE LEAVES i WILL WEEP. God Bless Carolyn and her
    soulmate Rookie.

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