Goldens Merry & Pippen attached to the end


Gary Lorenz, along with his beloved Goldens left his home on Sept. 24 to check on the family’s horses and never returned. Weeks were spent looking for him. His body, and his Goldens, were found in rugged terrain Oct. 20 by a hunter, just a mere four to six miles from his home. Merry and Pippen had each lost 9 pounds, and were emaciated, very weak, hungry & thirsty, but alive.


These two 3-year-old siblings, Merry and Pippen, guarded their master’s body for three weeks after he had died. Their master was Col. Gary Lorenz, a man who in later years suffered from Alzheimers disease. Even in the end, at the funeral, Merry and Pippen, had to be coaxed away.

There were problems communicating but these faithful and devoted Goldens also seemed to understand their master. They were his best friends.

Deanna said her mother, Sandee Lorenz, especially appreciated the dogs returning back home. “Her whole household has been uprooted,” Deanna said. “To just have them back means everything to her.”

The golden retrievers, Merry and Pippin, were her father’s constant companions but Deanna said were quickly adjusting to life without Lorenz in the natural way dogs have.

“Pippin has changed the most,” Deanna said. “He used to be the clown. He has changed the most – now, he is so protective and observant of my mother.”


Lorenz’s widow told the Mountain Mail that finding the dogs were “bittersweet” because she and her daughter were glad the dogs were found, but were sad to lose Gary.

“We feel the lord has been very merciful, sending them back to me,” said Sandee Lorenz, Gary’s widow. “We felt the dogs were with Gary and helped him pass from this life to the next.””Now that we have the dogs back we feel like we’ve gotten a little piece of Dad back. He loved these dogs and they loved him. They never left his side. They watched him. He was having trouble communicating with all of us but he always seemed to be able to talk to the dogs. They were his best friends,” said Deanna Lorenz, Gary’s daughter. “We are so happy to have them back to remind us of the relationship he had with them and to help my mom get through her tough weeks ahead. They will be here to comfort here.”


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