Meet Golden Retriever Camper


Camper was the result of a cooperative breeding with The SeeingEye. He was not selected for guide training because he was thunderphobic in the huge Seeing Eye Kennels. In March Camper was named the official Seeing Eye Ambassador/Outreach dog. He is the first Golden retriever to be given this honor.

Nicknamed Campie, this guy is doing wonderfully with his new fundraising role. He recently did a presentation at Randolph High School and less than two weeks later, the students had raised $10,000, the largest sum ever raised for the Pennies for Puppies and Dollars for Dogs Programs. The difference between the two programs is simple: for participants for whom pennies are the easiest to give, such as young schoolchildren, Pennies for Puppies may be more appropriate; while Dollars for Dogs might be a better fit for high schools, civic organizations, or corporations.

The high school then wanted Camper to be there when they presented to money to The Seeing Eye, holding the assembly in the school’s football field. The person who took Camper to the event said that everyone stood when she and Campie walked out onto the field and kept cheering over and over “Cam-per, Cam-per, Cam-per!”

Camper has an extremely busy social schedule in his job, sometimes doing as many as eight events in one week, but he loves it.

Camper’s dam is our Aimee (Morningstar American Beauty CD, SH, WCX, CCA, OD) and his sire Kapp, is Seeing Eye’s Trinity’s Storm Cloud bred by Caroline Kaplonski.

Click here to see a video of Camper helping at an assembly about fund raising for The Seeing Eye. (The video only seems to work in Internet Explorer.)

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