Scott Shields gets to Defraud the People for a bit longer


Why am I not surprised? Doesn’t it figure that Scott’s federal indictment trial would be postponed? Just what he needs, more time to defraud the public. Patty Shields’ public defender has asked to postpone the trial, because she just took over the case from the previous attorney that left the public defenders office. She also notes in the letter that the trial will conflict with the National Orientation for new Public Defenders which she will attend. Now, the case is slated for some time in January. Click here to see the official federal court document.

For those folks lucky enough not to have been tricked out of their money or bamboozled by Scott Shields, you may need a little refresher about this 9/11 con artist.

An almost 12-year-old Bear at the WTC’s Ground Zero

I have a story to tell. A story I have not wanted to even whisper about. It has stayed with me for over four years. While Scott Shields—the central character in this sordid tale—has, and continues to, deceive many unsuspecting souls, it shames me to even have to acknowledge that I, too, fell victim. Yet, I am hopeful that its readers will come to see that bigger, far more important matters, are at issue here. Certainly, far bigger than my wounded pride. ~ Rochelle Lesser, September 26, 2006

1. Copy of Federal Indictment of Scott Shields can be accessed here.

2. Incriminating Video

3. Eyewitness account from NYPD K9 Lt.

4. Co-Author Sets the Story Straight

5. Story Updates (to original Trading in on Tragedy For Fame: Succumbing to the Lure of Truthiness article)


2 thoughts on “Scott Shields gets to Defraud the People for a bit longer

  1. I am totally speechless. I saw this man a few years ago at the Pet Expo in a nearby town. I thought he was the real thing. I talked to him and pet ‘Teddy’, Bear’s supposed son. I even bought a t-shirt from him which has the search and rescue foundation on the back with bear’s picture. It has been my absolute favorite and I wear it all the time. I will not be able to look at it the same way again. Wearing it now, knowing this, I feel like I am betraying Bear’s memory as a loving and innocent dog. Defenseless dog, having his owner make money off him and he had no idea. He’s a rat!! How many people did this phoeny take? Again, I am speechless. I had no idea.

  2. Gail, he continues to take folks’ money, carrying a fireman’s boot to dog shows and soliciting money that way. He has even taken the boot into schools, and is probably continuing to do so now. His trail is now delayed until January so he can continue.

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