Kayla and Golden Retriever Mollie

Kayla works with Mollie at her home and below rewards her for her efforts.
Photos by Don Knight / The Herald Bulletin


Kayla loves to work with her Golden girl Mollie on areas such as obedience, agility, and showmanship, competing with her in local 4-H Fairs.

And, recently through her 4-H organization, she helped train a Leader Dog for the Blind.

Kayla reminds me of Vicki Miller, a youngster that we followed at our foundation’s site for a few years.

Vicki Miller did great puppy raising work for The Seeing Eye, an organization that is located in Morristown, NJ. At the age of 9, she found out about 4-H’s Seeing Eye Puppy Raising Program, then beginning this work in 1993. Vicki says she will always be a 4-Her at heart, having represented Pennsylvania at the National 4-H Congress and getting to attend a 4-H Japanese Exchange trip.


One thought on “Kayla and Golden Retriever Mollie

  1. This was a great blog! As a 4-H Educator, it is so nice to see a 4-H member giving back to her community and helping others through this service of training service dogs. I am hoping to start-up a Seeing Eye Puppy 4-H Program in my county.

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