Golden Retriever Princess is now safe at home

This story from Bill Cornwell, editor and publisher of The Facts, has a happy ending but it brings up some very tragic circumstances related to dog-fighting and how weaker and mild-mannered dogs are used as bait for aggressive breeds ready to fight in the ring.

Golden Beginnings Golden Retriever Rescue, a not-for-profit organization that rescues retrievers, helped with this golden ending.

It is an understatement to say reuniting Princess with her family was gratifying. There wasn’t a dry eye among the adults present when Princess bounded into her family’s car and happily rode away.

Certainly, identification tags would have made our search for Princess’ owners much easier, and perhaps a microchip implant might have directed her owners to us much quicker. Still, it is impossible to guard against every scenario. In the case of Princess, her owner thinks it was loose fence boards and noise from nearby construction that caused her to bolt from her yard.

Losing a pet to the unknown is perhaps one of the most painful feelings a pet owner can experience, and with people the likes of Michael Vick out there, the unknown just got a lot more worrisome.


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