Golden Retriever Chance — a definite No Go! — Updated

This was not the picture that took place this morning on CBS’s Early Show. This photo above comes from our Foundation’s site where we detail the new sport of Dock Diving.

This morning Dave Price, the weatherman for the show, attempted to get his Golden Chance (as in “Chance of Showers”), to dive off a dock cold turkey. It seemed like poor Chance had never even seen water like this before, and no way was he going off that dock. And, how funny was Dave trying to lure his boy with a bagel, no less …. which Chance got a big chunk of before even going near the water. That’s what happens when you’re trying to manage doing a live show, holding a microphone and a bagel and Chance at the same time lol.

I think Dave knew Chance would not go into the water as most dogs would perform the same way when confronted with such a different challenge like this. It really does take some special steps to acclimate most dogs to water.

Chance was adorable nonetheless, and I loved seeing Dave holding and cuddling his new little Golden pupper (I wonder what his name will be).

This is such a wonderful tale of how Dave came upon his Golden and gave him

A Second Chance

Dave Price had been asking the ASPCA for months to look out for a “Golden Retriever type” dog that needed a home. Dave has never had a dog of his own and has always wanted one — and wanted to rescue a dog in need from a shelter.

Chance had a rough start in life — he was rescued from a junk yard situation by the ASPCA’s Humane Law Enforcement agents, where he was infested with ticks and severely neglected. After one month at the ASPCA’s Bergh Memorial Animal Hospital, Chance quickly won the hearts of the ASPCA staff, and was ready to be placed in a very special home. Valerie Angeli, ASPCA Director of Public Information and Special Projects, knew that Dave and Chance would be an ideal match, and that Dave’s active and athletic lifestyle would be perfect for a retriever type dog. As a spokesperson for shelter animals and adoption, Price knows the commitment and responsibility involved in bringing a new pet home. He admits that he was never quite ready to make such a huge commitment, due to his hectic TV schedule, but has recently decided that he has the time and proper resources to provide a wonderful life for a shelter animal.

Already a “neurotic Doggie Dad,” Dave has prearranged deliveries of the very best dog food, treats and toys available and has scheduled Chance for Doggie Daycare and runs in Central Park with friends. The ASPCA wants to wish Dave and Chance a long, active and happy life together. Chance wishes to tell anyone who wants to bring a pet into their life, to please look no further than their local shelter for their new best friend.

I have written to CBS to ask about getting some video from this morning’s show so maybe I will hear back later and be able to add it for everyone. In the meantime, I found this video clip from the show where they did DNA testing on all the members’ of the morning team’s dogs. It was pretty funny as the only dog that came back with conclusive results was Dave’s and he got his Chancie from a pound.


(could not get it to work in Firefox, only Internet Explorer)




You can see here that Chance is having no parts of getting in the water. Is this photo funny or what? Finally, CBS put up the video of Dave Price at the Dock Dogs Big Air Competition, where dogs jump for a chance at the national championships. Once you get past the intrusive 1 minute ad there will be a 5 minute clip. Do stay til the end, though, to see Chance and then finally Dave cuddling his new furkid.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

6 thoughts on “Golden Retriever Chance — a definite No Go! — Updated

  1. That was just the cutest video I have ever seen, What a loving dad Dave is to Chance, I hope you will keep up with them both 😉

  2. Well, I wrote to CBS and the early show and was hoping that I’d hear back from Dave but I guess he’s too famous and I’m not for him to actually be interested in my blogging him or the foundation. That is typically the way it is with TV personalities, though. They seem so personable during the show but it is often a different story when the shooting stops.

  3. Both work for me. I just tested them again. In fact, the DNA video link brings you to a page with a written article, a shtml page. There is no reason that any browser cannot bring up the page. At the page, is a link for the video.

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