Golden Retriever Roxy Diabetes Detection Dog-in-training

Talia Greek and her puppy Roxy, soon to be trained as a seizure-alert dog.
Photo by Fiona-Lee Quimby

Meet Talia and her new Golden puppy Roxy, an Australian diabetes detection dog-in-training. Click here to learn more about Paws for Diabetics down under.

To learn more about scent detection of decreased sugar levels, go to our foundation’s site. 



4 thoughts on “Golden Retriever Roxy Diabetes Detection Dog-in-training

  1. I have a diabetic son. He was diagnosed when he was 21-months-old and is now 13-years-old. He does not feel his lows. What channels do we go through to inquire about getting him a diabetic-medical alert dog?

  2. Hi I have a diabetic father and is desperate to find someone to help with training of a diabetic alert dog in South Africa.

    thanks a million


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