Canine Freestyle Fun

You can learn all about Canine Freesyle and about Carolyn Scott, the most famous freestyler in the world here at our foundation’s site.
We also just discovered a woman who freestyles with her dog, who reminded us of Carolyn, as she has taken a rescue dog and developed such an incredible bond with him.

Tina Humphrey puts Chandi, her amazing dog, through her paces for a popular daytime Chat show. Chandi – a bluecroft rescue dog, was rescued by Tina some years ago, before her transformation into the amazing freetyle dog.


This lady has had quite a lot of TV coverage recently and rightly so. Here she is performing at the Crufts Freestyle Heelwork to Music contest at Crufts 2007. This dog should show the world that rescue dogs are capable of great things. Just look how much Chandi loves Mummy.


2 thoughts on “Canine Freestyle Fun

  1. They are awesome! I so enjoyed both videos. Those moves are difficult, and obviously have taken a great deal of work and lots of patience. They make such a wonderful team. And it’s so nice that Chandi is a rescue.

  2. Hi,

    I have just set up my own wordpess blog and yours came up as a ‘possibly related’ post – I clicked and saw that it is me and my beautiful rescue dog, Chandi you are talking about! Thank you so much for liking us – you can check out our blog and other videos at

    Thanks again,
    Tina and Chandi.

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