Golden Retriever Recon already in Iraq on the job

 Melissa_Recon-IraqK-9 Recon works with Florida handler, Melissa Ellis, having the following certifications: NNDDA certified land & water cadaver and NNDDA certified land & water cadaver. Come meet Recon on his deployment to Iraq.

“Recon has been outstanding working around the gunfire and bombs in Iraq,” Ellis writes in an email to the Collier Citizen, adding that Recon, a one-year-old golden retriever, loves to ride in the Blackhawk helicopters.

4 thoughts on “Golden Retriever Recon already in Iraq on the job

  1. We wonder how the Goldens or any of the dogs for that matter ,handle the oppressive heat, that we have heard goes up to 120 degrees.

  2. I think all the dogs and handlers are heroes. They can never receive enough thanks and praise for what they do. They put their lives on the line for others. I personally want to thank each and every one of them.

  3. I am Melissa’s teammate with Bay Area Recovery K-9s of Florida. I think it’s GREAT that you are blogging about her! She and K9 Recon and K9 Sasha have been working very hard in Iraq. The heat is tough, but the K9 handlers are very aware of the effects of the heat on the dogs, and take ALL precautions.
    Melissa & her K9s are incredible to watch! They work together very smoothly, functioning as a team in all aspects of their work.
    Thanks for getting the word out about all their hard work!

    Feel free to learn more about Melissa, K9s Recon & Sasha, and our whole team at:

    Susan Percival, President
    Bay Area Recovery K-9s of Florida, Inc.

  4. I know Florida is hot but even that heat doesn’t seem close to what she must be dealing with in Iraq, especially considering the outfit that she wears as well. How the folks there don’t fall over from heat exhaustion is beyond me. And, I’m wondering how the dogs handle it, especially dogs like Goldens with heavier coats.

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