Golden Retriever Gracie demos the Scarcity Principle

I found this article so interesting, even if an attorney was the author. If you are trying to become a marketing whiz, you may want to incorporate this type of thinking.

Gracie, our aging golden retriever, lines up for her carrots, too. But Molly, our Eskimo sled dog, usually refuses carrots. But — change the circumstances just a little, and Molly eats carrots faster than a rabbit.

What makes the difference?

If Molly is in the yard near the horses at carrot time, she lines up for her carrots as quickly as Gracie. When competing against two horses and another dog, Molly sees carrots as a scarce and valuable commodity — and she wants her share.

That’s the scarcity principle. It says people (and apparently dogs) value opportunities they perceive as scarce. And when people actively compete for scarce resources, they perceive them as even more valuable.