Golden Retriever Jake, the Diamond Dog


The current Jake, a 4-year-old dude whose real name is actually Homer, is now in his second season as the diamond dog. His predecessor died in March at the age of 14.

Kane County Cougars’ pitcher Derrick Gordon said he was a fan of Jake’s antics, though “he … brings umpires water when they don’t deserve it.”

  1. Click here to see an awesome movie clip of Jake in action.

  2. Go see a great audio-slide show that features this special boy. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Golden Retriever Jake, the Diamond Dog

  1. Rochelle;
    Great job on “Jakes” entry you really get the feel for the way it is when Jake is at the game by watching the video and slide show.
    If anyone is near a minor league park when Jake visits we strongly urge them to go.
    They will have the time of their life and to see Jake in person just can’t be beat.
    Also great shots of his collar that I mentioned in an earlier post, notice the red stitching on the white collar to give it the baseball look, just great.

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