Golden Retriever Joe on tonight in Jesse Stone tv-movie


Golden pal, Dr. Nora, just wrote to tell me that the prequel to the entire series of Jesse Stone Movies is on CBS tonight at 8:00 EDT. So go see our favorite Golden Joe. He plays Reggie in the movie.


6 thoughts on “Golden Retriever Joe on tonight in Jesse Stone tv-movie

  1. The movie was very good, but no Golden Reggie. It was pre Reggie. Jesse brought his beloved 10 year old Boomer (long ears – maybe a Bloodhound?) cross country with him to Paradise, MA. Sadly Boomer developed remal failure. I wonder if the next movie in the series shows how Jesse adopts Reggie.

  2. Joe is one fine Golden! Our “Denver” could be his brother. The writers for the series would really drop the ball if they didn’t use him more. Come on guys… give this special golden some more air time! There are a lot of dog lovers that crave a golden relationship between Reggie and Jesse. Viewers are who you want and Golden lovers are waiting. We love Tom and we love Joe!

  3. Golden Joe is the best part of this flick. I love the way that Joe sits with his boss (Tom Selleck) and provides something stable in this guys complicated life. Quite a metaphor for man and dog– who really knows more about life?

  4. in the latest Stone movie on Hallmark (Dec. 2009) a red-haired dog with longer hair on the ears was just charming and I was trying to find out what breed it is. It didn’t look like a white lab or golden retriever to me, anyone know ?

  5. My dog Gunner has the looks, spirit and soul of Tom Selleck character Jesse Stone’s dog Reggie. Love the series!!

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