What else are they going to find in pet food?

teacher.gifWhile many folks have moved on, falsely believing that the food crisis for both people and companion animals has ended or is being addressed, please think again. It has been brushed off of the front pages and people’s minds simply because there is too much in our world to actually grab a hold of these days. With so many scandals and injustices bombarding us daily, many have reached their saturation point. And, that is when our brains say we need to take a break so that our sanity is preserved.

But, chemicals that are not allowed to be used for items that are ingested continue to be found in pet food, animal feed for human consumption, tooth paste, exotic fish food . . . you name it. And, now even the medication acetaminophen (which is deadly to cats) has been found in pet food samples.

Sadly, we have not gotten to the bottom of this crisis and its ugly tendrils keep growing. I am not trusting any processed food, for myself or my Golden guy Alfie. I am only trusting organic products but even that standard is being weakened by our government’s caring more about corporate interests than ours.

Check out the latest about this mess here:

Texas lab finds pain medicine in pet food

Trashing Organic Standards (series of articles from Kirk James Murphy, M.D.)

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