Golden Retriever Duncan Smartest Dude at Diving Dog Challenge

I just loved this little blurb about Duncan. Is this one cool guy or what?

But the smartest dog at the Diving Dog Challenge was without a doubt Duncan, Drew Greer’s golden retriever, of Summit County. Instead of jumping in at the furthest point away from his ball, like all the other dogs did, Duncan ran around the pool’s edge, calculated the shortest distance from him to his toy, and then dove in.

“He dried off from the practice round and didn’t want to get wet again,” Greer said.

Smart dog.


5 thoughts on “Golden Retriever Duncan Smartest Dude at Diving Dog Challenge

  1. Nora, you may want to elicit the help of a trainer to work on this since you went to such great expense getting the pool. As smart as she is, I bet some shaping and click & treating can get her over the hump.

  2. If you have any friends with dogs who do love to jump in and retrieve thrown toys, etc., it may also be worthwhile having them over and letting Molly watch. She could see the other dog getting lots of attention and treats, etc.

  3. Yes, I think having another dog over would be a big help. Molly didn’t go into the water at the beach until she had other dogs to watch and play with.

  4. I had to bribe my golden pup Darwin to go in our kiddie pool the first time by throwing apples in the pool. Chance, my older boy, loves the pool when it’s hot. If I don’t set it up, he sticks his feet into the water bowl outside. Roxie, my older girl, will go in for treats but won’t stay in. She associates the pool with bathtime.

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