Lucky for our FDA Chief that he’s not working in China

Well, for all those dog and cat folks who have lost their beloved companion animals to this hideous situation, that just keeps on and on …. check it out! I think even baby Hunter is surprised by this one!


China ex-food and drug safety chief sentenced to death
By Lindsay Beck, Reuters

BEIJING (Reuters) – China sentenced the former head of its food and drugs agency to death for corruption on Tuesday in a surprise judgment as the government sought to contain a wave of scandals over health safety.

Zheng Xiaoyu, former head of the State Food and Drug Administration, was convicted on charges of taking bribes and dereliction of duty, Xinhua news agency reported, citing the Beijing Municipal No. 1 Intermediate People’s Court.

There’s more to the story . . .


And, just in case you thought the scare was over with the recalled pet foods, please think again. They are still finding problems and melamine in unrecalled foods.

Veterinarian Dr. Matt Humason says “We began asking questions…we found the dogs all ate the same food from the same store at the same time… so we sent a sample to get it tested and it came back positive with melamine.”

All four dogs ate Nutra Nuggets brand food.

A sample was sent to a lab at UC Davis and [the pet owner’s] fears were confirmed. “All I’m trying to get people to do is notify the people and let them know we may have problem. Unfortunately I feel Costco has been very hesitant to do that.”

And, if you thought that the human food supply was okay, please please please think again, as it is not. Melamine is not an approved additive for feed and now we learn that US companies (just like those in China) are adding melamine to their feed products for foods for our consumption. Just look at this FDA release.

And, catfish meant for human consumption submitted by Arkansas to the FDA tested positive for melamine as well.

Read this Associated Press article about safety problems extending beyond pet food to tainted toothpaste and deadly fish …. and weep.

But, we should trust the pet food companies to self-monitor and we should trust the government to get moving on making our food supply safe for us. Sure, we should. It’s just more of that …. move along, there’s nothing to see here.


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