I personally HATE birthdays … but Golden Alfie loves ’em!

Folks who know me know that I never want to reveal my age and never ever ever celebrate a birthday. Hubby Gary knows to tread softly on those 24-hour periods that unfortunately rears its ugly head every 365 days … just like clockwork lol. He buys me a Golden Retriever themed card and just hopes for the best as I recover from the funk of having another year go by and yet there being so much more that I still want to get done.


But today is my pond boy’s birthday. I call Alfie my pond boy because he lives for seeing his beloved fish and frogs that live in our pond. Darcy was never a huge fan but this little guy adores the pond and cannot contain himself each morning when daddy Gary says,”Let’s go feed the fish!” He can’t run to the back door fast enough and when let out he has no time to do his business. He has to see his pals first, of course.

I keep telling Alfie not to have birthdays, but he goes ahead and has them anyway. And, I am thrilled that he is a big-boy 8 today! He is being spoiled the entire day, right now chewing on an organic raw bone that I’ve taken out of the freezer. He will be getting an ostrich fillet and bison steak tonight with asparagus from our organic garden.

Here he is below enjoying the pond, his tail wagging the entire time. I do not have video of him really settling in at the pond, but he actually lies himself down with his elbows on the stone rim and the rest of his body stretched out behind him. I guess he figures he needs to be as comfortable as possible as he watches who knows what. He puts his face right up to the water’s surface and dips a little bit in so that he can be up close and personal. It is just too funny. We just have to be sure he doesn’t get carried away as he is really fascinated with the frogs which he has sadly actually caught. Thank goodness we got the frog out of his soft mouth, but I can imagine that frog probably needed therapy after that experience.

I hope you can share in Alfie’s pure joy, because there is nothing better than experiencing the world through our beloved dogs’ eyes.

Golden friend Bryna just wrote to me and I told her I had to share her note here. I just said I didn’t want Alfie to know how much he was missing from the sound of all the luxury her Goldens were afforded.

Terrific birthday footage. Nice to have upbeat news! I tell the story that after Bear came into our lives in 1998 I traded the sports car for an SUV and my husband got a station wagon. Then we bought Bear 15 acres on the water in the woods. Then we got a sister for Bear, who is named Luna. Then we built a house on the land for Luna and Bear. I just finished putting a garden in, and as soon as I watered the newly turned earth, both Luna and Bear plopped down for a nap. What else should I buy them? There’s only one thing better than a Golden. Two of them.

18 thoughts on “I personally HATE birthdays … but Golden Alfie loves ’em!

  1. HAPPY B’DAY, ALFIE !!!! Thanks for sharing, Rochelle. He is gorgeous and the story was very cute!!!! I , like you, pretty much quit counting B’days after #40-which was some time ago!!! HA!!!


    may you have many, many more birthdays and many, many more fun days at the pond..

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALFIE!!!!! Enjoy your bone and your gourmet dinner!!!

    Rochelle … I LOVE the video of Alfie and the accompanying music. πŸ™‚

    Also, I followed your link to Blackwing Meats, and I ordered a big 10 pound femur bone and some other bones for our Tucker. Oh my gosh … he is going to be in HEAVEN!!! πŸ™‚

  4. A very very happy birthday Alfie! Many many more to come. What a happy birthday morning you had. Be careful of the frogs little love if you break them you can’t play with them any more.

  5. Terry, you are so funny. That poor frog was so traumatized, I’m sure when Gary got him from Alfie’s mouth. He is too curious for his own good. Gary tells me whenever he hears them talking, his ears shoot up and twitch.

  6. AWWWWW Happy Birthday You great Big Beautiful golden Fluff Butt You..
    8 years old and looking young and Marvelous with a smile on your face and a wag in your tail.
    Happy Birthday Dear Alfie.
    Sending Love and Hugs on your special day.

  7. Three goldens is even better than two! But I want that 15 or 20 acres for them, still…. someday…. and of course 15 or 20 goldens to run around on them….

    Happy Birthday, Alfie! Two more months til my Darwin is a year old on the Fourth of July, hard as that is to believe.

  8. Oh Alfie, you are one gorgeous guy. I love your video. That tail never stopped once during the video.

    We hope you have many more birthdays to come.

    Marie and Missy

  9. Thanks everyone, but Alfie is in the dog house right now. He had his steak and asparagus dinner but got in trouble at the pond. I forgot to scare the frogs in before letting him out and he dashed to the pond and scooped up a massive frog in his mouth. It somehow got out when Gary saw what happened and yelled out. Poor thing was lying on the grass, and probably now needs therapy for PTSD. Gary took him and placed him on the rim of the stone wall around the pond and he jumped in. We think he will survive. Alfie is just obsessed with these little guys.

  10. Alfie you are so handsome, and gosh what a pleasure it was watching you with your tail wagging happily as you surveyed your fishpond!!! It gave me lots of smiles to see how the simple things in life give our furbabies such a lot of pleasure!

    Happy Birthday to you Alfie. Big, big smooches from your down under friend!!!!

  11. LMAO, sorry, but I can’t help but laugh!!!! Poor Froggie, he will really need therapy after his near death experience by Golden!!!

  12. Rochelle, I love his bushy tail and beautiful hindquarter feathering!!! Bear has yet to acquire such a lovely coat as your Alfie now has.

    He just has that look of pure joy on his face as he’s watching the fishes and hunting for frogs!

    Just as well you don’t live down under, esp in Queensland with it’s cane toads. They secrete a poison if a dog gets them and the venom is toxic. Plus they are ugly warty things, not at all like cute green frogs.

    We have the occasional frog around here, and one that sometimes likes to sit in the letter box. Tara freaks right out at them! I like them though, cos they eat bugs. The dogs don’t really worry about them!

  13. Poor little froggie. He probably didn’t even see it coming. 😦 Alfie just can’t help himself … he just thinks they’re ribbit toys. πŸ™‚ Hope he enjoyed his steak and asparagus dinner.

  14. Gary said that it is dangerous if he keeps the frog in his mouth because of toxins, but it was very, very brief. I have to realize that due to the heat the frogs love to lie out of the water and to make noise to scare them into the water before I let Alfie out. As soon as he goes outside, he runs like a nut to the pond. He’s definitely got a one track mind. Sometimes we have as many as 5 frogs of varying sizes are sitting on the stone rim. It is pretty comical.

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