Hey, where’s my support for a job well done?

I need your help with our nominations in the Blogger’s Choice Awards. While they are merely a contest of recognition, it is a GReat way to get the message out about the foundation’s work.

You can only vote for us once, in each of our 2 nominated categories. It is embarrassing that votes are displayed on the Awards Site in real-time, so you can see who’s leading within each category at any moment! I say that because of the pitiful amount of votes I’ve garnered despite being on the web for 10 years and receiving thousands of visits daily to our Foundation’s site.

It may be due to the fact that you have to set up an account in order to vote. But, is it too much to ask given the hours spent daily working on this Golden Paradise in the sky?

Cheer up my guy, Alfie, shown here with his beloved duckie. He’s sad ‘cuz his mom’s so disappointed about all of this.

Click here to vote for us in Best Charity Blog

Click here to vote for us in Best Animal Blog

5 thoughts on “Hey, where’s my support for a job well done?

  1. Well that is just pathetic!!!! I voted for you and even tried to open up 2 other categories for you. And not to get praise, but before I forget to, I am now going to Animal Planet site to nominate you for animal person of the year!!!! Jamie

  2. Oh, Jamie, you are a trip. I could have selected many, many categories to enter, but there are so many entrants that it seemed silly. I don’t even have a chance in the animal blogger category since the favorite is a site that just posts cute photos.

    But, given the years I’ve put in and the amount of folks that come to the site, it is pathetic how many votes have been cast. I can’t even get on the front page, which is what I’d like since people seeing the different blogs tend to visit, which is all I want. It is a way to build up support.

  3. I understand your disappointment! I can’t figure people out sometime. They visit your site daily, but can’t spare 5 minutes to get you some much deserved recognition. Remember, we saw this same thing happen with the Oprah campaign for Carolyn and Rookie!!! and …. that time you even told them exactly what to say!!!! Well I voted for you as Hero of the Year at Animal Planet. And don’t forget I am moving to Gulf Shores AL area next Monday so maybe we can meet at the beach someday! HA !!! Jamie and Adam Holtz, 8854 Sage Dr., Foley, AL 36535/251-943-1833. By the way, just posting cute animal photos is NOTHING compared to your being such an animal champion 365 days a year in all ways possible!!!! Wish us a safe move next week. I won’t have much time to check the site for awhile-moving about 750 miles and doing all the packing ourselves. We just have to be close to our beloved Gulf Shores, AL where we have visited for past 10-20 yrs., separate and then together since being married in 1997!!

  4. Jamie, I’m not that important but appreciate the support, since so little seems to come my way. I will be thinking about your move and hoping you will be okay since the weather has gotten so dreadful near the coasts. Don’t work yourself too hard with this move.

  5. Come on people, after all her tireless efforts for our furry friends all these years-lets get to it and show Rochelle our support!!!! She educates beyond belief and entertains and rallies for the animals tirelessly!!!! Rochelle, I will be almost 10 miles north of the beach and there has been very minimal damage in that area even after the devastating Hurricane Ivan in 2004. Have to live really close to the gulf to have real concerns. Thanks for caring!!!!

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