Golden Retriever Beamer just could not resist

Never a video camera when you need one. I was amazed that 16! firefighters responded to this dog call, in fact, due to Golden Beamer’s quest to get personal with a woodchuck. You will have to read the story to learn what happened to one traumatized little critter.

The story reminds me of the poor critters (frogs, gecco lizards, you name it) that could not get away and have wound up in my Goldens’ soft mouths, thankfully to be removed, but now probably in need of psychological counseling lol.

A golden retrieve for rescue crew
By Tim Wagner, Beacon News Staff Writer

AURORA — The Aurora Township Fire Department hauled out the jaws of life Sunday to help retrieve a golden retriever. At about 12:30 p.m. on an otherwise-quiet Mother’s Day, homeowners in the 1200 block of Gates Street called in reference to their golden retriever, Beamer, getting trapped beneath the concrete steps on their back porch.

Go read on to find out what happened . . .


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