Golden Retriever Custer: Drug-Sniffing Wonder

This is Golden Custer, a Drug Sniffing wonder. You can learn more about him and about drug detection at our foundation site.

Dogs searching for contraband at Lahainaluna – The random “sniffs” occur only in public areas of the campus
By Kelsey Fortey, Lahainaluna High School

Custer, a golden retriever being used as a drug dog at Lahainaluna High School, awaits orders to search from owner Whitney White.


2 thoughts on “Golden Retriever Custer: Drug-Sniffing Wonder

  1. I hope that is not a prong collar. I hate to see them used on a regular basis on a working dog.

  2. I noticed that too and would be quite distressed to learn that such a negative piece of equipment was being used. I’d love for someone to try and contact this group to find out. Go for it Nora!

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