Hoping Golden Retriever Sienna’s Mom makes it through

Golden Retriever Sienna was taken to the wonderful Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital for treatment. So, I am hoping she will be okay.

But, her incredibly brave mom needs for all of us to be sending our positive thoughts. I would like Sienna to be able to have her mom back with her again.

Woman In Critical Condition, Saved Dog From Ditch
Associated Press

LOVELAND, Colo. A woman was in critical condition Thursday after jumping into a ditch to save her golden retriever, who survived.

The woman, whose name was not released, was at Mckee Medical Center in critical condition, a spokeswoman told the Loveland Daily Reporter-Herald.

Loveland Fire and Rescue Department investigator Ty Drage said the woman and a friend were horseback riding when the dog, Sienna, went into the ditch. After helping the dog up the slope of the bank, the woman was swept away in the fast-moving water.

“Her face was down in the water,” said Sally Sakala, who spotted the woman in the ditch during the search. Rescuers pulled the woman out and rushed her to the hospital.

2 thoughts on “Hoping Golden Retriever Sienna’s Mom makes it through

  1. Sienna and her Mom will be in my prayers. What a brave thing to do to rescue her baby!

    I hope that the two can be reunited as soon as possible!


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