Bob Barker’s Golden Retriever Mix Jessie


We always knew Bob Barker was an animal lover as he always concludes his show, The Price is Right, with the request for folks to remember to spay and neuter. But, we just found out his current animal companion is a rescue Golden Retriever/Chow mix named Jessie.

Bob will be providing much for our beloved companions as they will be the recipients of his huge estate.

Because he and Dorothy Jo “never got around” to having children of their own, animals will be the chief beneficiaries of his multimillion-dollar estate. His DJ&T Foundation (named after Dorothy Jo and his mother, Tilly) offers grants to spay/neutering clinics in all 50 states.

“The major part of my estate will go to that,” he says. “I’m also helping some of the finest law schools in the country.” His endowment for animal rights law is already in place at Harvard, Columbia, Georgetown, Duke, Northwestern, UCLA and Stanford.


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