Hoping Golden Retriever Duke is doing okay


Metro Detroit coyote attacks get more brazen
By Christine Ferretti / The Detroit News

CANTON TOWNSHIP — Janice Palis has seen coyotes from a distance, but she never expected to see three of the snarling animals attacking her 95-pound golden retriever as she walked beside him in a nature preserve. Within seconds, Duke, 10, was ravaged in the frenzied fight on a trail in the 500-acre William P. Holliday Nature Preserve off Haggerty and Koppernick roads earlier this week.

“They got all of his front and back limbs, trying to knock him down to kill him,” said Janice’s husband Gary Palis, 50, whose 120-pound wife fought the coyotes off with a stick. “If she wasn’t there our dog would have been dead.”

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2 thoughts on “Hoping Golden Retriever Duke is doing okay

  1. Oh my God, that is so scary! Janice must have been terrified. It is amazing that she was able to save Duke and fight off all those coyotes. I so hope he will recover from all those wounds. It will probably take an emotional toll on him too.

  2. I can’t even imagine how scary that would of been to see your beloved baby being attacked so viciously. I hope and pray that Duke will be o.k. Janice, you were so brave to defend Duke, in situations like this your instincts to protect just take over. Think of the guy in Florida that literally pulled his Golden puppy out of the mouth of the alligator!

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