Golden Retriever Dave the Math Dog — performing again


We have had many posts here about Golden Retriever Dave, the Math Dog (here and here and here and here and here).

Well, Frank, Dave’s dad just emailed us about his latest appearance. You can see a video clip of him performing by clicking here.


And, here’s the news article:

Dog-Gone Math Whiz Click For Video!

QUINCY – A super-star dog helps fundraise for the Golden Lions Club. This golden retreiver does much more than sit and roll-over. “Dave the Math Dog” knows numbers.

Dave the math dog can do almost anything with numbers. Frank Ferris, the dog’s owner says, “He can add, subtract, multiply, divide. He can do square roots, exponents, algebra. He knows how old he is. What month, what day he was born.” The gifted retreiver performs all over the country. His trainer says math comes easy for Dave who uses his paw to count out the answers.

Dave is 8 years old. He’s been doing math for two and a half years. Dave knows numbers in 20 different languages. Ferris can’t explain why Dave understands numbers. But he says its great to see students interested in math.

Ferris says, “Calculations are very important and we just like to keep kids motivated in math because it is such an important subject.” Audience members agree. They say it’s quite a treat to see Dave perform.

“I loved it. It was great.” “I could never do that stuff and I thought it was really awesome that a dog could do that.” The math dog has fans of all ages. They say Dave keeps everyone counting.

15 thoughts on “Golden Retriever Dave the Math Dog — performing again

  1. Hi Frankie, I just wanted you to know that I just Looked up Dave on the UTUBE section and that was a Great Video of you and Dave…Keep up the Good work with Dave..He is a STAR for sure..Have a Good Day!.. Your Best Neighbors Dave and Linda

  2. Hi Rochelle,
    Dave will air on Wed. May 5, 2008 at 9:00 am. He will be on the Fox Morning show with Mike and Juliet. We will leave on Sat. may 3rd and arrive in New York on Sun. May 4th. He will tape his segment at 10:00 am on Mon. May 5th.
    Dave, son Murphy, Debbie and Frank

  3. dave I live in moweaqua a loved when you and murphy performed in the moweaqua public library well tell me when you are going to be on t.v anyway tootles

  4. Hi Rochelle,
    Dave is going for his second visit to the clinic at the UofI in Urbana, IL. He has blood in his left eye. There is a post with a picture on blood in the eye. If anyone has had this problem with there golden we would like some input. When we find out what it is we will also post the findings.
    Dave, son Murphy, Debbie and Frank

  5. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, for the sake our children and our society, discuss with these kids the TRUTH about what is going on here.

    Do your research. Talk about Clever Hans and the subtle, unintentional cues given off by trainers and owners. LEARN about the amazing ability of dogs (from years of breeding) to perceive these subtle cues their best friends give.

    Dave is amazing, yes, but he is not performing math. To continue to insist that he is and to sell this lie to children is reprehensible. You’re perpetuating belief in something that has been proven wrong repeatedly, and that can only do harm, not good.

  6. I have not perpetuated any myth and I honestly believe children do understand that this is a trick, and that dogs do not have the ability to engage in mathematics reasoning.

  7. Frank,
    Could you please bring Dave to our open house at our new added on addition to our shelter here in Christian Co.,
    Taylorville, Il.?! It will be on June 13th, from 1-3 P.M.
    Please e-mail me at this address or call 217-824-5433 during the week from 8-12 & 1-4P.M.
    Christian Co. animal control
    Assistant warden
    Tammy Stockon

  8. your dog is pretty amazing…he’s really cool…knowing that he can count…he can help you specially in countings things..that is really great…i love it..keep it up frank…have a nice time with your golden always..

  9. The goldy is really great, i can’t imagine how he can do maths: add, subtract, multiply, divide. He can do square roots, exponents, algebra etc..
    He must be seen in Oprah show!
    I must see that if Iget a chance !
    Many kisses to your Goldy!

  10. Hi Rochelle,
    Sad news about Dave the Math Dog. He lost his battle with cancer on Aug. 15, 2009. Our hearts were crushed. He did bring joy to many that has seen him in person. We will miss him very much. His son Murphy will keep us company for many years to come. Murphy will be 3 in November.
    Dave the Math Dog 03/12/1999 – 08/15/2009
    He will be in our heart forever

  11. Frank, I had no idea he was ill. I am so, so sorry for your loss. I know how much a member of the family Dave was. I always loved hearing of his latest appearance. I actually remember when Murphy came along, and that water drinking video, but I cannot believe he is already going to be 3. Boy, I wish they could stay young. I hate cancer robbing us of these special souls.

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