Pet Food & Human Food Crisis …. Saga for years to come (with continuing updates)


If only this mess could be relieved by the calming sucks on a pacifier ….

Here are some wonderful articles and a marvelous link to an evolving page that has created a summary of the current crisis:

1. Wikipedia’s 2007 Pet Food Crisis Outline

2. The Coalition for a Stronger FDA

3. Rise and shine: the GM wake-up call

4. U.S. Contaminated Pet Food Investigation Update: Phantoms at large in the poisoned pet food tragedy

5. YOUR WHOLE PET: Is Your Pet’s Food Safe Yet? Why pet owners are worried, and why that’s not likely to change soon

6. Washington Post Article Collection: Pet Food Recall

7. Pet Deaths Spur Call for Better FDA Screening: Imports Raise Concern About Human Foods

8. Senate back tighter pet food standards

9. Hey, FDA, here’s a tip for you

10. Senator Dick Durbin on Pet Food Recall & FDA


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