Florist Worker Golden Retriever Cheyenne … following in Charlie’s pawprints

May 15, 2000 was a very special day for our Golden family. We had our Book Signing Party for the adorable book, Gas Station Charlie: A True Story about a Real Dog, written by Karen Grassmuck Kraushaar, with photography by Doris Kays Kraushaar. This book details a very special Golden guy. Imagine filling up your tank at the local gas station and having a beautiful, friendly dog comes to collect your money. Cash or credit, Charlie took care of it all, with a wagging tail and eager smile that brightened everyone’s day. This Golden boy lived in Saline, Michigan and helped Rick and Harry Parsons at the Marathon station on Michigan Avenue.

Our party had its proceeds benefiting Golden Retriever Rescue. How really thrilling it was to meet both authors (Karen and Doris Kraushaar) of this wonderful Golden book.

We had Darcy and Alfie as our Golden Goodwill Ambassadors, helping to welcome folks to this fun event. And, hubby Gary, with my favorite Golden sweatshirt on, was helping lots as well!


The following story about Cheyenne brought back fond memories of Charlie.


Faithful employee takes pay in doggy treats
By Melissa Capone and Steven Dietz (photo), VALLEY NEWS DISPATCH

Cheyenne is the hardest worker at McCullough’s Florist Shop in Harrison. She gets the mail every day at 10 a.m., takes cash, credit and checks from the customers, and greets them at the door.

Cheyenne is a 6-year-old golden retriever. Since the age of 2, Cheyenne has been the faithful, fun-loving employee of her owner, Cindy McCullough. McCullough has owned the shop for eight years, but it has been in her family for 75 years. It was originally owned by her grandfather.

About four years ago, Cheyenne began taking pieces of paper from an employee’s desk and bringing them to Cindy. After that, the dog began taking printed paper off the printer and delivering it to her owner.

Pretty soon, Cheyenne was retrieving the mail, and taking “pieces of paper” — money — from the customers. She brings checks and credit cards to her owner, too. In return for her services, Cheyenne gets a treat from Cindy every time she brings her money.

“She’s so well-trained,” McCullough said. “She won’t touch any of the flowers or stuffed animals in the shop unless we give them to her.”

She said Cheyenne looks forward to holidays and prom time. “She gets so excited when kids come in to the store, and when we’re very busy,” McCullough said.

There’s more . . . .


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