I don’t see any Berner in Puppy Bob, do you?


Bob the dog finds a home – Bernese mix on way to Vancouver

By Tim Krohn, The Free Press

MANKATO — Bob the Bernese mountain dog doesn’t know how lucky he is. Abandoned shortly after birth, Bob is on his way from Mankato to a new home in Vancouver, British Columbia — via a ride to northern Wyoming with a Good Samaritan. Waiting for him will be two little girls and their parents just aching to make the puppy a part of their family.

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4 thoughts on “I don’t see any Berner in Puppy Bob, do you?

  1. He sure looks pure Golden to me! Many years ago when I was considering getting my first dog, I went to a Bernese breeder. They are beautiful, and enormous!

    It’s funny, the book I had read where I took a test to determine the right breed for me had me matched with either a Bernese or a Norweigan Elkhound. This seems very odd to me now. I wonder how I answered the questions. This was 25 years ago, so no telling. LOL

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