Rob Marshall has his new SkyFox Golden Retriever


Rob Marshall’s Puppy Makes His Flying Debut
Meet the 8-Week-Old Golden Retriever

DENVER — SkyFOX pilot Rob Marshall just brought a new puppy home a few days ago. He’s a golden retriever. Dylan, Denver’s first flying dog is passing the torch to this little guy. The puppy made his debut flying aboard SkyFOX Wednesday morning. Call him Denver’s new flying puppy.

He doesn’t have a name yet. Rob narrowed the choices down to 10 names, and now he wants to know which of these names you like best. (Click here to send an email with your favorite name). They do not appear in any particular order.

* Murphy       * Mavrick          * Ace               * Frisco
* Cosmo          * Casey              * Tucker         * Yankee/Yank
* Harley          * Cooper

This photo shows Fox 31 reporter Melissa Mollet meeting SkyFOX pilot Rob Marshall’s new puppy, April 25, 2007.

Click here to watch two videos of this new pupper. At the Fox page, just click on the small thumbnail photos listed under Videos.


2 thoughts on “Rob Marshall has his new SkyFox Golden Retriever

  1. We are so overjoyed that Rob Marshall has a new flying buddy.
    Dylan would have wanted Rob to do that and he will be watching over the little guy from the bridge.
    Thanks for keeping is posted Rochelle, there are so many terrific articles in your blog it is hard to keep up, but it sure is fun trying and the effort is much appreciated.

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