Golden Retriever Lucy – Getting into shape

Overweight Pets Go To ‘VetHab’
By Kim Genardo, “Your Life” Reporter

RALEIGH, N.C. — With 60 percent of the American workforce either obese or overweight, it only stands to reason the dog waiting at home may be a bit overweight as well.

Now there are workout facilities for pets as well. Whether or not you’ve got two legs or four, an inactive lifestyle could cost you your health. Just like us, overweight dogs are less physical and at greater risk for diabetes.

So when dogs need to slim down often times their veterinarians refer them to “VetHab” in Raleigh.

“She was having a really hard time getting up the stairs, getting into our van,” said Ronnie Grosshandler. And then Grosshandler felt lumps along her golden retriever’s ribs and feared the worst. “Good news is she didn’t have cancer,” Grosshandler said. “Bad news was the vet told me that was three sets of love handles on her back.”

Lucy tipped the scale at 87 pounds and the extra weight put a strain on her hips. Plus, she suffered from osteoarthritis. The weight had to come off.

I would say in 90 to 95 percent of our cases we’re able to get weight off of them and get them to healthy weight,” said Dr. John Sherman.

First, Sherman limited the calories in the dog’s diet plan. Her treat? Believe it or not, rice cakes. As for exercise, Lucy’s day began by relaxing.

There’s more . . . .

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