Golden Retriever Lottie and her little Freedom kitty


Be sure to click on the photo to see a super-sized version. It is so very sweet. Of course, it is photos like these that help take the edge off of the other more horrid news that we must live with.

My Pet Photo: Meet Freedom and his pal, Lottie

My husband and I went to Grand Rental Station for ice. I spotted a skinny kitten in the woods. Bob Littlejohn and his employee Eric volunteered to catch it for me. We decided if it was a girl, we would name her Liberty and a boy would be named Freedom. Two weeks later, we brought home our wild child. It was about two more weeks before he warmed up to us, and we knew his name – Freedom. He has been a perfect fit and is best friends with Lottie, the most gentle, motherly dog ever. Freedom stalks Lottie, jumps on her head, and attacks her tail while Lottie patiently lounges.

Freedom is a year old while Lottie is 11. What Freedom has taught us: There is always room in your heart for one more.

~ Bob and Judith Sasser of Innerarity Point

2 thoughts on “Golden Retriever Lottie and her little Freedom kitty

  1. This as the second time our Pensacola “Pet Photo of the Week” has made it onto the blog. These people live only a few miles away from me. I’ll have to take Molly on a walk and maybe she can meet Lottie.

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