Golden Retriever Caleb & his Mom both battling Lymes

Lyme Disease on the Rise
By Jaime Meyers,

Lyme Disease is a growing problem across the country, and Pennsylvania is no different. More people and pets are being diagnosed with the tick-borne disease every year.

Playtime isn’t quite the same for York County resident Gail Sheffer and her nine year old golden retriever mix, Caleb. They both have been battling Lyme disease for years. It started with a rash on her leg for Gail. She says she started getting the classic symptoms like joint pain, migraines, chronic fatigue, and flu-like symptoms.

Caleb was diagnosed with a simple test at the vet, but for Gail, it took several months for her diagnosis. Then her husband and two daughters learned they also had Lyme disease. The family spent nearly $20,000 on medical care last year, the eldest daughter had to drop out of college, and physical therapy, along with lots of antibiotics have become a way of life.

Gail says she wants people to know, in general, the sooner they are treated, the better off they’ll be.

There’s lots more with a great video news clip . . . .


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