A Blind Golden Retriever Ming Adopted

Blind dog from Taiwan finds a new home in America
By Stephen Che, The China Post

A blind golden retriever named Ming has found a new life in the U.S. while capturing the hearts of Americans thanks to efforts by Taiwan’s Association of Homeless Animals Garden (AHAG) and animal adoption groups in the U.S.

Ming was born blind and abandoned in a university campus in Yunlin County when he was picked up by animal rescue workers who reported the case to AHAG in Taipei.

After giving medical treatment to Ming, AHAG then proceeded to search for an adopter for Ming, posting Ming’s photo and information on its website. Through a golden retriever association in the U.S., a couple who resides in Seattle obtained knowledge of Ming and contacted an AHAG volunteer who lived in the U.S., offering to adopt Ming on a trial basis.

Ming was received at the airport in U.S. by the couple under much fanfare as numerous U.S. media outlets picked up the story. The local Fox news station ran follow up reports on Ming’s progress, which was even broadcast by the national network.

The Seattle couple later decided to permanently adopt Ming.

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